Andrea Horwath MPP, Hamilton-Centre

Government of Ontario

Toronto Needs the Province to Partner on Transit, Childcare, Affordable Housing: Horwath

Published on February 9, 2017

Today MPP Andrea Horwath and Toronto Mayor John Tory met to discuss ways in which the provincial government can and should be partnering with the City of Toronto when it comes to funding transit and transportation, affordable housing for vulnerable Ontarians, and affordable and accessible childcare for working families across the city.

“Toronto and municipalities across the province need reliable and stable funding for transit and transportation, and putting Ontarians first means being a partner on that front,” said Horwath. “The province must contribute its fair share. It’s time to immediately restore 50 per cent operating funding for Toronto transit services.”  

In addition to properly supporting transit in Toronto, Horwath said it’s past time for the provincial government to do its part to protect affordable childcare spaces, which are under pressure due to lack of adequate funding. Horwath said Ontario must also commit to a fair one-third split, alongside federal and municipal partners, to improve and sustain affordable housing.

“Torontonians expect their provincial government to deliver when it comes to the basics like transit, affordable childcare and affordable housing.” said Horwath.  “These are priorities for families living in Toronto and municipalities across the province, and we need to see real, budgeted financial commitments to deliver on those priorities.” 

Horwath said that working together with municipalities is a critical part of making life better for the people of Ontario.

"I thank Mayor Tory for today's very productive meeting and I'm looking forward to meeting with other municipal leaders to talk about building partnerships that support their priorities."