Andrea Horwath MPP, Hamilton-Centre

Government of Ontario

Statement by MPP Andrea Horwath: Government Must Resume Respectiful Bargaining With Doctors Without Undue Delay

Published on August 16, 2016

MPP Andrea Horwath issued the following statement urging the Wynne government to resume respectful bargaining with doctors without undue delay.

“The Premier must admit, today, that her Liberal government has broken trust with Ontario’s doctors and the families they serve. The result of this weekend’s vote is just the latest symptom of the growing crisis in health care under this Premier’s watch.

The government says they need to take the coming weeks to reflect on their next steps, but they’ve had two and a half years and they’ve failed to get the job done. Now is not the time for the Premier or Health Minister to hide. Families across Ontario need the government to resume respectful bargaining with Ontario’s doctors without undue delay.

Premier Wynne seems to forget that this is about people. Without our doctors, nurses, and health care workers, there is no health care. But under the Liberals, we’ve all seen cuts to health care, year after year. Nurses and health care workers are being fired, hospitals are overcrowded, and families are being forced to wait far too long for the care they need. The only way to turn the corner is for the Premier to stop cutting health care and to stop fighting with health care providers.  It’s time to start working with doctors, nurses and all the dedicated people working in our health care system on behalf of all Ontario families.”