Andrea Horwath MPP, Hamilton-Centre

Government of Ontario

Ontarians Can't Count on the Wynne Government

Published on September 14, 2016

During Question Period this morning, MPP Andrea Horwath pushed Premier Kathleen Wynne to explain why her government is not focusing on the priorities that matter to the people of Ontario.

“People deserve better opportunities for good jobs, a life they can afford and the services they can count on,” said Horwath during Question Period. 

Horwath highlighted the unaffordable cost of hydro and childcare in particular as priorities Ontarians want to see action on but that the Wynne Liberals have no plan to address. 

“Instead of permanently taking the HST off hydro, the government is proposing a temporary rebate that people can’t count on.  Even in the face of a lawsuit, they refuse to stop the wrong-headed sell-off of Hydro One,” noted Horwath.

The government is promising child care spaces, but as parents and experts are saying, the problem is that there is nothing to make child care more affordable.

“Whether it’s soaring hydro bills or unaffordable child care, young families are at a tipping point. Why can’t the people of Ontario count on this government take action now to make life more affordable?” asked Horwath.

Horwath has been putting forward solutions that will address the immediate needs of Ontarians.  Whether it’s taking HST permanently off hydro bills, stopping the Hydro One sell-off, guaranteeing predictable base funding for our hospitals or raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, the party has been calling for real action, now, for the people of Ontario. 

“People want to build a good life. They want the next generation to have a great future here in Ontario and the Liberals simply can’t be counted on to deliver that,” Horwath finished.