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September 23, 2016

Fighting Islamophobia Through Education, Engagement

Today MPP Andrea Horwath announced the intention to introduce a Bill in the Legislature that will establish October as Islamic Heritage Month in the Province of Ontario. More
September 14, 2016

Ontarians Can't Count on the Wynne Government

During Question Period this morning, MPP Andrea Horwath pushed Premier Kathleen Wynne to explain why her government is not focusing on the priorities that matter to the people of Ontario. More
September 12, 2016

Throne Speech Does Not Go Far Enough to Lower Hydro Costs, Improve Healthcare and Support Good Jobs: Horwath

MPP Andrea Horwath said that the throne speech must commit to actions that will make a real difference in people’s lives when it comes to hydro costs, healthcare, and jobs.  It’s now clear that the... More
September 5, 2016

Better Jobs, Better Pay, Better Benefits - Make it Easier for Ontarians to Join a Union

MPP Andrea Horwath announced new plans to help improve the quality of jobs, raise wages, and provide benefits for Ontario working families. More
August 22, 2016

Statement by MPP Andrea Horwath Regarding US Steel/Stelco Retiree Benefits Ruling

“People who spent their lives working at US Steel and Stelco deserve the pensions and benefits they were promised. I know many of these retirees myself. They worked hard and they were promised a pe... More
August 16, 2016

Statement by MPP Andrea Horwath: Government Must Resume Respectiful Bargaining With Doctors Without Undue Delay

MPP Andrea Horwath issued the following statement urging the Wynne government to resume respectful bargaining with doctors without undue delay. More
August 15, 2016

Andrea Horwath Commits to Lower Hydro Bills

Speaking to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) MPP Andrea Horwath committed to taking immediate steps to lower hydro bills across Ontario. Horwath said upon taking office, her gover... More
August 15, 2016

Statement by MPP Andrea Horwath Regarding OMA Vote

"Health care is the silent crisis of this Wynne government and the crisis continues to grow. Today, it’s clear this Premier has broken the trust of Ontario’s doctors. Thousands of doctors and milli... More
August 8, 2016

Statement By Andrea Horwath on Provincial and Demonstration School Announcement

MPP Andrea Horwath issued the following statement in response to the government announcement about Provincial and Demonstration schools. More
August 4, 2016

Statement by MPP Andrea Horwath Responding to Liberal Health Care Re-Announcement

“This is a re-announcement of exactly what is in the Budget. It doesn’t do anything new to improve health care and it doesn’t put a single new dollar into addressing the $3.27 billion hospital repa... More