Andrea Horwath MPP, Hamilton-Centre

Government of Ontario



Andrea Horwath is fighting for a fairer, more just, and more equal Ontario. She understands that the people of our province deserve better, and is working every day toward progressive change. Take action today on the issues that matter, and be a part of creating an Ontario that works for all Ontarians.

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Pay Less. Own More: Our Plan to Cut Hydro Prices

Kathleen Wynne’s sell-off Hydro One has driven up hydro bills across Ontario. Now we're all paying the price for her bad decisions. Add your name to support Andrea Horwath's plan to lower rates by up to 30%, end time-of-use pricing and restore public ownership of Hydro One.

Healthcare You Can Count On

It’s time for us to build a healthcare system that puts you first - we need healthcare you can count on. Your health and the health of your family comes first, and it should come first for the government too – but instead, it has become the silent crisis of this Government.

Demand a $15 Minimum Wage

Nobody who works full time in Ontario should live in poverty, but that’s the reality facing too many people today. Every Ontario family deserves a fair wage and a decent living. That’s why Andrea Horwath is calling for a $15 minimum wage in Ontario.

Andrea is standing with organizations across the province who are demanding action to increase standards for all workers – starting with those living below the poverty line.

Protect our Water!

If you agree that the water in Ontario should be protected so it is there for generations to come, please add your name to our petition.

People are worried about what commercial bottled water plants could mean to future generations. Andrea is proposing an Ontario Water Strategy that will be based on the principle that decisions about water must be based on the public interest and public access to sustainable water sources.

We need to ensure that Ontario is planning for its water needs now and for future generations.

Demand Transparency Now

The Financial Accountability Office of Ontario has called out the Wynne Government for hiding key information from Ontarians about the sale of Hydro One and the cuts to healthcare.

What the Office’s statement shows is that Kathleen Wynne is more interested in keeping the Ontario Liberals in power than standing by what’s best for Ontario Families. We need to speak out together in a clear and resounding voice: misleading the people of Ontario on the sale of public assets and cuts to services is unacceptable.