Andrea Horwath MPP, Hamilton-Centre

Government of Ontario



Andrea Horwath is fighting for a fairer, more just, and more equal Ontario. She understands that the people of our province deserve better, and is working every day toward progressive change. Take action today on the issues that matter, and be a part of creating an Ontario that works for all Ontarians.

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Healthcare You Can Count On

It’s time for us to build a healthcare system that puts you first - we need healthcare you can count on. Your health and the health of your family comes first, and it should come first for the government too – but instead, it has become the silent crisis of this Government.

Homes You can Afford

We know we can make affordable housing for all a reality. Together we can make it easier for people to have a good home, whether that means affordable rental or help with buying their first home.

Aging Ontarians Deserve the Best 

We deserve home and long-term care that makes our aging loved ones feels as safe as possible. Andrea is fighting for an overhaul of home care to help people live at home longer as well as calling for all long-term care public and not-for-profit.